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League Forfeits

Team bailed on you? Made other plans? Got scheduled to work? Scared of the competition? Can't stand the rain? Whatever your reason (or excuse) for missing out on a night of fun, please let us know if you can't make your game!  


Contacting Us 

If you need to forfeit, the best way to let us know is through calling Shannon, Manager of League Development. When leaving a voicemail, sending a message or emailing, be sure to include your team name, sport, and game time. Shannon can be reached at or 218-520-0539. The sooner you can notify us about a forfeit, the better. This will allow us time to notify the other team in advance. RSVPing through the app only notifies the team captain about their players absences. Please do not use the app to contact us about a forfeit.  


Even if you notify us in advance, you will still need to pay the forfeit fee the following week. The forfeiting team will be responsible for both their own and their opponents' ref fees for the week that they are absent. Fees are to be paid to Shannon at your next week's game. Please give Shannon the fee and not the refs to help ensure the payment is marked as completed. Forfeit fees per sport listed below.  

Bean Bags - $6/team  |  Bocce Ball - $6/team  |  Spikeball - $4/team  |  Volleyball - $12/team 


Forfeiting will impact your team's league standing. When you forfeit, you automatically lose the points for that game. Your opponent is automatically awarded a win and the points for that game (3 points for bocce ball and volleyball. 2 points for bean bags). If a team forfeits more than 3 times in a season, they contacted and potentially removed from the league.  

As always, we want you to be playing and having a good time at Skyline! It's never fun to be the team that show ups only to find out that you can't play. No one likes a no show! Please, let us know in advance if you need to forfeit.  

Questions? Shannon, Manager of League Development, at or 218-520-0539.

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